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a specialized solution that combines fire and life safety principles with business management tools to tailor an effective, collaborative approach

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Firebreak is a groundbreaking management software program designed specifically for companies who specialize in the service, inspection, and installation of fire protection systems. Its cloud-based design promotes effortless access and easy usage, providing users an exceptionally efficient way of tracking and organizing every stage of company workflow under one supervisory platform.

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Customizable Reports

Completely customize reports for any inspection to help you meet the requirements of your customers, and jurisdiction.


Colorful dynamic graphs print automatically on reports.


Create customized proposals to fit your needs, and streamline sales.

Equipment Management

Keep track all of your equipment and tools at the touch of a button.

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Job Cost Analysis

Everything you need to analyze jobs both big, and small.


Simplify inventory – use the inventory management feature to determine what you have in stock instantly.

Human Resources

Manage employee information in one place.

Fleet Management

Complete vehicle management including service and fuel costs.

Sales Management

Easily manage your sales team from anywhere with real-time data.


Drag and drop scheduling allows you to easily streamline the process.

Manage Inspections and Service

There’s no need to use multiple programs – inspections and service are seamlessly managed in one place.

Fire Pro Go

Your customers can instantly access the real-time status of their fire safety systems, as well as their inspection reports.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right product for my company?

Firebreak was created by an industry insider that couldn’t find a program to fit their needs. This program is more than just life safety inspection software – it’s a total company management tool that can be used to lead large departments, maximize efficiency, and increase cost savings.

Is it easy to make the switch to your software?

An experienced team will assess your individual needs and develop a plan to address your concerns, and ensure that your switch to Firebreak is a success.

What devices can I use?

Firebreak was created using a platform that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows users, but has been optimized to work using the iPhone and iPad.

What is Fire Pro Go?

Fire Pro Go is a custom app that syncs with Firebreak to notify customers automatically of system status changes, as well as provide access to inspection reports, and more.

Can you utilize Firebreak for more than just inspections?

One of the biggest issues with existing life safety software is the inability to manage both inspections, and service. Firebreak allows you to manage it all in one place effectively eliminating the need for multiple programs

How much does it cost?

After assessing your needs, we customize a solution to best serve your company. Costs will vary – so request a quote today.

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