Key Workflow Boosters from Office Software in the Digital Age

August 11, 2021 • General

For the last generation, the world has been digitalizing. To sustain its economies, Western civilizations have made two colossal leaps. First, empires went from buying and selling raw materials to creating industrialized manufacturing networks powered by the steam engine and…

Firebreak’s Scheduling Capabilities

August 2, 2021 • General

Any scheduler in any industry can likely tell you the same horror stories when it comes to scheduling. Moving a team of service professionals around any metro area while balancing a diversified customer base and its needs is a challenge…

How Firebreak is an Industry Leader in Time Management

July 12, 2021 • General

Firebreak’s mission is to revolutionize the service industry with a software product that offers unprecedented time-saving capabilities. With your company’s operations consolidated into one accessible platform, your workflow becomes quicker – allowing you the agency to recall information at an…

How Can Firebreak Help Companies Manage Their Material Investments?

June 28, 2021 • General

Growing companies can’t see their business footprint expand very far without complementary growth in their vehicle/equipment fleets and their material inventories. And we at Firebreak understand that as these physical investments grow, the difficulty of keeping up with them grows…

Three Ways Firebreak Enhances Workflow

June 21, 2021 • General

When time is money, double-backing to pour over paper records, review spreadsheets, or make that confirmatory phone call to a teammate means you’re losing cash. The inherent beauty of Firebreak is its simplistic approach to data management and information retention….

Three Benefits of Firebreak’s Information Storage

June 14, 2021 • General

Firebreak software is an equal opportunity platform – it can benefit companies small or large. Its intuitive design means any business – from those with fewer than 10 employees to those with multiple branches – can harness the program to…

Introducing Firebreak

June 2, 2021 • General

After eight years of development, we are proud to announce today the official launch of Firebreak! Firebreak is a comprehensive office management solution built specifically for the fire and life safety industry. Its centralized, cloud-based system has been designed from…