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June 21, 2021 • General

When time is money, double-backing to pour over paper records, review spreadsheets, or make that confirmatory phone call to a teammate means you’re losing cash.

The inherent beauty of Firebreak is its simplistic approach to data management and information retention. Rather than force human employees to keep up with number-crunching records, Firebreak can perform calculations; save costing figures; generate customized, reusable templates for letters and proposals; and, amid many other collaborative uses, allow digital communication between users.

Here are three essential ways in which Firebreak software enhances company workflow:


     1. Firebreak lets you cast a quick, essential glance at your finances.

Knowing your costs is a fundamental part of any profit-seeking business. Firebreak’s Firetrap functionality gives the user the ability to track and trap the costs on every project. With the push of a button, quickly view your associated costs with any ongoing job in real-time cost-mapping.

     2. Firebreaks populates preloaded proposals and estimate templates.

After inputting your materials, labor, and job costs just one time, Firebreak has the power to save this information for infinite future use. Firebreak will automatically load this data into proposals and estimates, saving you crucial time and sparing you from the recurring agony of manual data entry.

     3. Firebreak facilitates forward momentum (and profit).

Firebreak’s large storage and intuitive design fosters an unmatched rapid access to your company’s entire library of past estimates, proposals, documents and media. With all of these important records contained in one area, Firebreak dramatically improves workflow across the company. And overall, that means an increase in profits.

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