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August 2, 2021 • General

Any scheduler in any industry can likely tell you the same horror stories when it comes to scheduling. Moving a team of service professionals around any metro area while balancing a diversified customer base and its needs is a challenge in and of itself. Throw the evaluating of upcoming renewal anniversaries into the mix and you have your work cut out for you. But few software solutions exist to help ease the mental burden of this work.

And that’s another place Firebreak stands out from the crowd. Firebreak’s built-in Global View functionality revolutionizes the scheduling experience for fire and life safety companies. From just one platform, users can view past and present inspections and stay advised of impending renewal dates with an intuitive calendar capacity that keeps track of your customers’ important service deadlines and anniversaries.

Firebreak’s automated reminders will prevent your company from ever again missing a renewal due to record-keeping errors or lapses in memory. No matter fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or emergency lighting, the design of Firebreak’s scheduler system – perfect for companies with ongoing inspections work – will ensure that every fire and life safety system your company inspects remains maintained on time. This keeps needless regulatory fines and citations away, and it keeps customers happy.

You have a reputation on the line. Let it be one known for never missing another renewal deadline.

Beyond just renewal dates and deadlines, another important part of the inspection process is your customers’ current system statuses. Using data collected by your field technicians, Firebreak displays the real-time status of every fire or life safety system in every site your team is responsible for.

When your scheduling department has the ability to keep an eye on whether customers’ systems are code-compliant or non-compliant, they’ll be better poised to redirect time and resources to the customers that need it most. And what’s more? Firebreak allows you to customize the kind of tag or notice your technicians can log to signal a system’s non-compliance, fully modifiable to your local fire marshal’s requirements.


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