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July 12, 2021 • General

Firebreak’s mission is to revolutionize the service industry with a software product that offers unprecedented time-saving capabilities.

With your company’s operations consolidated into one accessible platform, your workflow becomes quicker – allowing you the agency to recall information at an instant – but it also becomes paperless, freeing your business from tedious filing cabinets to an extent that no paper-based organizational system could ever provide.

But not only does Firebreak’s organizational system stand apart from the world of paper, it remains distinct from other platforms in the office management software world too. While there are more than a few reasons why, one crucial feature that makes Firebreak an industry leader in time management and company organization is its scale of included functionalities under one umbrella.

While our competitors might offer scheduling, service, and inspections capabilities in separate packages, Firebreak is unique in its consolidated, streamlined approach. With just a single software platform, users are able to truly manage the entirety of their company from a computer or smart device. Our all-in-one service has been hand-designed to accurately reflect every need of the fire protection industry, eliminating the need, time, and expense for users to rely on three or more different software platforms to serve different needs.

Furthermore, when users adopt Firebreak, they introduce a platform that can enhance team collaboration like never before; every employee in every department has the same, easy access to the same interface. This makes asking and answering questions quicker with Firebreak’s in-house messaging system, and it makes performing any task more efficient – no longer requiring managers to hire an army of administrative employees to mine paper-based data.

The Firebreak team built this product to be an instant industry leader with its comprehensive array of capabilities and its intuitive user experience. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and to secure a demonstration to see how Firebreak can be a benefit to your company.

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